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Screw type connector is a kind of electronic component with a waterproof function that works in water. It can be laid indoors for power lines and network cables, which not only provides a normal and reliable power supply and signal transmission but also plays a good role in waterproofing and dustproof. At present, the main evaluation criteria for the waterproof performance of screw type connectors are based on the IP waterproof rating standard. The following will explain the product considerations.



[Product News] M12 waterproof connector structure and process

M12 waterproof connectors are chosen more, that is because it has certain characteristics, that is, M12 waterproof connectors electrical insulation, this technology can be very well applied in many areas, solving the problems of many customers. The next is the introduction to the structure and process of M12 waterproof connectors.



[Product News] M12 waterproof connector good or bad criteria

Users in the purchase of M12 waterproof connectors, the need for M12 waterproof connectors are the quality of the first comparison, in addition to the waterproof level, shell quality, production process, size structure, connection performance, price, shipping speed, etc. are issues that user need to consider. This article lists the criteria for judging the good and bad of M12 waterproof connectors and M12 waterproof connector failure causes, I hope the user has a preliminary understanding of M12 waterproof connectors.



[Product News] K19 waterproof connector related content processing

The LED K19 waterproof connector could be instrumentation that will be applied to the surroundings with water and may guarantee the inner mechanical and electrical properties of the High Voltage K19 waterproof connector underneath sure water pressure. Thus, what's the process of K19 waterproof connector-related content? Let's take a glance next.



[Product News] K19 waterproof connector connected data introduction

K19 waterproof connector could be an association device typically utilized in power systems. The K19 waterproof connector is employed to lock and fix the incoming and outgoing cables, taking part in the role of waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Thus, what's the relevant data on the K19 waterproof connector? Let's take a glance next.

Floor 4,building 1, Fishery Industrial area,XixiangStreet,BaoanDistrict,Shenzhen
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