Precautions for using screw type connectors
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Precautions for using screw type connectors

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Screw type connector is a kind of electronic component with a waterproof function that works in water. It can be laid indoors for power lines and network cables, which not only provides a normal and reliable power supply and signal transmission but also plays a good role in waterproofing and dustproof. At present, the main evaluation criteria for the waterproof performance of screw type connectors are based on the IP waterproof rating standard. The following will explain the product considerations.

Here is the content list:

  • Screw type connector selection guide

  • Application Notes

  • Safety tips

Screw type connector

Screw type connector selection guide

1、Determine the IP protection level that the cable glands need to achieve according to the usage environment and requirements of the screw type connectors.

2、Determine the material and color of the cable glands according to the usage environment and requirements of the cable glands.

3、To determine the screw type connector need to use the thread specifications and thread standard; (Thread standard description: EN60423 metric thread M; DIN40430 German thread PG)

4、Select and cable outside diameter close, +10% or so of the bayonet range as a specific model.

5、According to the thickness of the board, whether the need to extend the screw type connector thread.

6、If used in the presence of explosive or combustible gases, explosion-proof connectors are required.

7、If electromagnetic compatibility is required, EMC shielded connectors are required.

Application Notes

1、Use different materials of screw type connectors for different environments.

2、It is recommended to use the torque wrench to tighten (recommended).

3、Be sure to use O-ring seals when IP65 or above is required.

4、To ensure that the screw type connector joints can withstand a certain amount of pressure, it is recommended to add a sheath tube to strengthen insulation and protection.

5, to ensure that the screw type connector is waterproof and longer operation, it is recommended that the use of double-walled adhesive heat-shrinkable sleeves and insulation sleeves for reinforcement;

6, construction, screw type connector line is best to take a staggered docking method (i.e., the cable does not need to be neatly truncated docking).

7, the use of self-adhesive tape (or heat-shrinkable waterproof tape) is a high-voltage product to ensure insulation safety.

Safety tips

1) The glass sintered sealed electric esters should be avoided from being strongly flung or dropped to avoid damaging the internal structure of the screw type connector and affecting the sealing performance.

2) Screw type connectors in a separate state, should be installed separately to protect Pa Cheng to take other dust control measures; if the screw type connectors are connected for a long time without separation, the plug and socket can be played between the insurance.

3) When cleaning the screw type connector, you can use a silk cloth dipped in anhydrous B drunk, dry it, and then you can use it. Do not allow the use of chemical reagents such as acetone that may have harmful effects on screw type connectors.

4) When connecting the screw type connector, avoid loosening the tail attachment by force and damaging the cable core by force.

5) Screw type connectors are prohibited from being energized until they are accurately connected in place and fully locked.

6) Waterproof connectors so that the threaded connection fixed positioning into the harness clamping and other occasions, there should be anti-loose back.

7) When the connected plug and socket are screw type connectors without a positioning shell, to ensure that the fixed plug and socket can be aligned, the plug and socket should be fixed in the clutch state.

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