M12 waterproof connector structure and process
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M12 waterproof connector structure and process

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M12 waterproof connectors are chosen more, that is because it has certain characteristics, that is, M12 waterproof connectors electrical insulation, this technology can be very well applied in many areas, solving the problems of many customers. The next is the introduction to the structure and process of M12 waterproof connectors.

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M12 waterproof connector


Contact parts are used to complete the electrical connection function belonging to the core parts, generally is the use of masculine and feminine contact parts to form a contact docking, respectively, through the use of two different parameters of the contact parts plugging action to complete the electrical connection. The masculine represents the rigidity of its specific shape can be divided into cylindrical, square columns and flat, etc., the material selected for manufacturing is made of brass or bronze. The negative is on behalf of the jack-up more critical parts, it is based on the elastic structure and rigid plugging deformation occurs when the strength and rigid contact parts form a tight connection.

M12 waterproof cable connector shell is the outer cover part of its internal insulation installation module and mechanical protection devices, to allow the plug and socket to complete the accurate docking so that the connector is fixed to the use of equipment.

The insulating part is also known as the bottom base or mounting plate. Its role is to allow the contact parts by the specified location and spacing arrangement and to ensure that the insulation between the contact parts and between the shell maintains good performance at all times. Because good insulation resistance and voltage resistance performance are the basic technical requirements in the use of insulation materials.

Other accessories are the many small fragmented parts that represent the inside of the M12 waterproof female connector structure, such as screws, nuts, seals, locating pins, connecting rings and spring rings, and other standard common parts.


M12 waterproof push pull connector with precision technical performance, from the design, process and then quality control and so on many aspects of precision processing. The first is the use of high-precision processing equipment for its special processing of the mold, the choice of experienced production personnel, and advanced equipment technology to achieve quality product manufacturing.

The advantages and competitiveness of the product depend to a certain extent on the level of technology, the need to constantly improve and improve the production and processing technology, which allows M12 waterproof power connectors from the essence of improving its manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance capabilities. The fine and rigorous manufacturing process will be aimed at spacing reduction and thickness thinning and other optimization means to ensure that the product reaches an advanced level of ultra-fine.

An M12 waterproof connector using low-temperature low-pressure molding technology using hot melt raw materials sealing and physicochemical principles will achieve good insulation and has high-temperature resistance and other characteristics, and after sealing the device on the wire to ensure that the welding point is not pulled by external forces, while the connector body and wire contact points with impact resistance characteristics, effectively ensuring the use of the product reliability, stability and long service life and other advantages.

Shenzhen Beite Electronics Co., Ltd is an excellent manufacturer of M12 waterproof connectors, our products are exported to many countries and are widely welcomed by consumers.

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