M12 waterproof connector good or bad criteria
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M12 waterproof connector good or bad criteria

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Users in the purchase of M12 waterproof connectors, the need for M12 waterproof connectors are the quality of the first comparison, in addition to the waterproof level, shell quality, production process, size structure, connection performance, price, shipping speed, etc. are issues that user need to consider. This article lists the criteria for judging the good and bad of M12 waterproof connectors and M12 waterproof connector failure causes, I hope the user has a preliminary understanding of M12 waterproof connectors.

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  • The criteria of good and bad quality

  • Causes of failure

M12 waterproof connector

The criteria of good and bad quality

Waterproof function

In the purchase of M12 waterproof connectors, we are first concerned about the waterproof performance of the product, waterproof performance is generally determined by three aspects.

Size structure

The M12 waterproof cable connector waterproof level is generally IP68/IP67/IP66/IP65. generally speaking, the smaller the size of the product, the more difficult to meet the requirements of waterproof and connectivity, waterproof level is also slightly lower. Structure, you should observe the location of easily damaged parts and waterproof location is reasonable, such as silicone gaskets should not be too exposed to prevent UV corrosion affect performance and life.

Shell material

Shell material should choose tough, temperature resistant, flame retardant, anti-corrosion material, such as PA66; wire should choose flexible, flame retardant, wear and corrosion-resistant material, such as PVC or rubber.

Production process

The product should feel comfortable and textured, not too slippery or too rough, the workmanship should not have burrs, and the connection joint should feel natural without slippery hands. Users can assess the manufacturer's production process and strength through field visits or samples.

Connection function

M12 waterproof connector in addition to waterproof, the function of the connection is equally important.


Good M12 waterproof female connector pins are generally solid pure copper, pins will be gold-plated or nickel-plated to increase the performance of the conductivity, users should be discerning when purchasing to prevent unscrupulous manufacturers with hollow copper pins indiscriminately.

Copper wire

Copper wire material is generally pure copper wire, now the strength of the manufacturers will handle their wire, control costs while ensuring quality.

Causes of failure

Natural damage

M12 waterproof connector wire harness uses more than the use period, so that the wire aging, insulation layer rupture, mechanical strength significantly reduced, causing a short circuit between the wires, disconnection, overlap, etc., resulting in wire harness burnout. Due to the failure of electrical equipment caused by damage to the wire harness When the M12 waterproof push pull connector electrical equipment overload, short circuits, overlap, and other faults, can cause damage to the wire harness.

Damage to the wire harness caused by the failure of electrical equipment

When the M12 waterproof connector electrical equipment overload, short circuits, overlap, and other faults, can cause damage to the wire harness.

Man-made faults

M12 waterproof power connector assembly or overhaul of automotive parts, metal objects will be wire harness crushing so that the wire harness insulation layer rupture; improper location of the wire harness; electrical equipment lead position connected to the wrong; battery positive and negative leads are connected to the reverse; overhaul circuit faults, indiscriminate connection, indiscriminate cutting of wire harness wires, etc., can cause the electrical equipment does not work properly, and even burn the wire harness.

Shenzhen Beite Electronics Co., Ltd produces M12 waterproof connectors with excellent waterproof function and connection function. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us.

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